Jason London’s Wife Gives the Go Ahead for a Divorce

Feb 27, 2014 at 7:30 am |


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Jason London. Where do we even start? He’s had an embarrassing run in with the law, and is most notoriously known for defecating in the back of a police car when he was arrested for getting into a bar fight back in 2013.

And even though we know that he did actually take a dump in the police car, it’s now off his record. That’s right. After pleading guilty and graduating from a 16-hour alcohol education program, the charge has now been wiped (pun intended) clean from his record.


Getting this charge cleared from London’s record is great news. And he better cherish every moment of it, because it looks like things are fixing to go downhill for him all over again. He recently received adivorce degree from his wife. Ah, poor Jason. As part of the decree, his wife states the split is taking place due to “irreconcilable differences.” We, however, have a feeling it has something to do with Jason’s bizarre behaviors.

The couple has made a statement staying that they love and respect one another, yet need to break up because they want to focus on growth independently. We couldn’t agree more. Jason really needs to learn how to use the potty and wipe his own butt. Maybe then his marriage wouldn’t be in the dumps (yes, another pun intended).

Jason London is the twin brother of Jeremy London, and both of them have had quite a troubling past. Let’s take a quick look at the trouble they’ve been into:

  • Jeremy gets kicked off of 7th Heaven due to hard partying and drug use.
  • Jeremy enters 35-day detox program in 2009.
  • Jeremy gets kidnapped (so this one isn’t completely his fault) and says he’s forced to do drugs.
  • Jason gets arrested for bar fight and pooping in the back of a police car.

It’s obvious that Jeremy’s past has been a bit more troubling than Jason’s; however, when it comes down to the most embarrassing, we think Jason wins by a long shot.

Jason and Jeremy London have definitely had a rough past. From drugs to kidnappings, they’ve seen their fair share of a crazy life and now it’s been reported that his wife is leaving him.