Jennifer Aniston Puts a Hold on Her Wedding

Feb 24, 2014 at 9:16 am |

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Delay Wedding

Source: Splash

What in the world is it about Jennifer Aniston that keeps her from being able to stay settled down with a guy? She’s beautiful and manages to stay out of trouble, unlike many people in Hollywood. And if she’s even half as humorous in real life as she is in most of her movies, then she’s sure to be a great catch.

Still yet, she for some reason can’t seem to keep a man. There’s only two possible answers: either she’s not as great of catch as we think, or she’s got very high standards that no man can seem to meet.

As of right now, Jennifer is engaged to Justin Theroux, but the two haven’t been seen out in public together since December. Worse yet, they supposedly didn’t even spend Jen’s birthday together this month. Justin stayed in New York and Jennifer partied away in West Hollywood. When we say party, we don’t mean Miley Cyrus kind of party.

Talk about missing out on some important events rather just Jen’s birthday. The duo also failed to spend Valentine’s Day together, and Justin went to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s funeral alone. We love Jen, but she could have at least went to the funeral to provide a little bit of support to her fiance.

One source has come forward and said, “There is absolutely no wedding talk or planning going on. Publicly the couple is saying its because they are just too busy with work, but if they wanted to get married, it would happen.”

If the couple is having trouble and they want to hold off on the wedding, then that’s their business, but if marriage is still a viable option, they should probably start spending more time together. Jennifer by all means is not getting any younger, and we’re sure she would love to settle down as she nears the age 50.

She should probably also consider spending a little more time with Justin because we can tell with one look at him, he’s probably not a man who would have any trouble scooping up another lovely lady.

What do you think? Should Jennifer and Justin call it off and go their own ways, or should they still consider getting married?


One would think that Jennifer Aniston would be quite a catch, but once again, it’s looking like another relationship of hers is going down the drain.