Jennifer Lawrence attends the premiere for 'Serena'

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence or “JLaw” (b. August 15, 1990) is one of the America’s healthiest new obsessions. The talented young actress first appeared in celebrity news after chilling us with her stark performance in the indie flick Winter’s Bone, but she rose to atmospheric stardom after beginning her journey with the massive Hunger Games franchise (which became the highest grossing female-centric action movie EVER.) After becoming a household name Lawrence casually nabbed an Academy Award for her performance in the dramedy Silver Linings Playbook–even if she did trip walking onto the stage. However, what’s struck a note with celebrity gossip columns even more than her beauty is her bold personality. Lawrence is silly, smart, and unafraid to tell the media what she’s thinking. This is only the beginning of what we can expect to see for this Hollywood favorite, after all the games have really just begun for JLaw.