Jessica Alba Dishes Out Her View on Acting

Feb 27, 2014 at 5:22 pm |

Jessica Alba Nylon Magazine Shot

Jessica Alba by Marvin Scott Jarrett for Nylon US March 2014

Jessica Alba.  If there ever was a word to describe her to a T, it would be the word a-maz-ing.  She’s managed to land the cover for March’s Nylon magazine, and if you take a peep inside, you’ll quickly learn a lot about this incredible mother of two and actress.

First of all, she admits that she often finds herself seeking out acting roles that are much different from her actual personality.  She even goes on to say that when she’s acting, she doesn’t have to be a boss, mother or sister, all of which are far different from what takes place in her real life.

Jessica Alba - Nylon Magazine

Jessica Alba by Marvin Scott Jarrett for Nylon US March 2014

Alba’s most prominent statement in the magazine is when she says acting is like a drug.  If that’s the case, there’s a pretty good chance this means Jessica will stick around the acting industry for many years to come, because we all know how hard it is for people to give up their drugs once they start them.

Jessica has definitely succeeded in her career as an actress.  Let’s take a quick look at five of her best movies ever made.

Idle Hands: If you’re looking for an instant classic, Idle Hands is for you.  This movie brings together horror and comedy perfectly, and although it was completely underrated, this was Jessica’s first movie that went mainstream.

Sin City: Most people consider this Jessica’s best movie ever.  Playing a stripper at a local saloon, Jessica managed to bring in great ratings for this movie, and not only because of her acting but also largely because of her crazy ridiculous gorgeous body.

Honey: This is the movie that most would consider to be Jessica’s break out movie.  It proved to us that she has what it takes to act well and succeed in Hollywood.

Awake: Although this movie didn’t get the best of ratings, it showed a darker side of Jessica in regards to her acting career that we had never seen before.

Good Luck Chuck: Any time you do a movie with Dane Cook, you can expect it to be funny, and this is exactly what happened when Jessica partnered up with Cook in Good Luck Chuck.  

Jessica has always been a great celebrity to have in Hollywood.  She keeps drama on the down-low, and the only drug we’ve ever known of her doing is the one she mentioned in March’s issue of Nylon–acting.

Jessica Alba continues to be a great blessing to the Hollywood industry. Comparing acting to a drug gives a good indication that she’ll be around the acting business for a long time.