Jessica Simpson Resumes Role Of Daisy Duke

Mar 24, 2014 at 2:15 pm |

First of all, everyone calm down. There is no sequel to the Dukes of Hazzard scheduled, at least not that has been posted anywhere online. Jessica Simpson, however, has been spotted all around town sporting Daisy Dukes and she is being compared to the role of Daisy Duke that she had nine years ago. Many say that she looks even hotter now. What do you think?


Jessica Simpson Before/After



Jessica hasn’t had it easy. She gained 50 pounds during the pregnancy with her first child and then signed up for Weight Watchers. She got pregnant a second time and made the effort to stay healthier – and she was able to achieve that goal.

When Jessica first took on the role of Daisy Duke for the 2005 blockbuster that followed close to the TV show, she had to lose 10 pounds – and that’s all that Hollywood could talk about. In order to get into those Daisy Dukes now, she has had to work a lot harder.

Daily Mail in the UK has some amazing photos of her as she was out and about in Calabasas. Her toned legs are incredible, including calves that have serious definition. She did hours of squats on a daily basis to get into the short shorts the first time around and now she can easily work her way into them.

As Huffington Post announces, Jessica is back in Daisy Dukes – and she looks fabulous. When she went to lunch in Calabasas on Sunday, she was in short shorts and a white t-shirt, along with wedge sandals that accentuated her legs.

She’s now 33 years old with two kids, both under the age of two years old. By looking at her, you would never guess that she had to go on Weight Watchers. She has become a huge spokesperson for the weight loss program, stating that it has “changed my life”. She now makes healthier eating choices and obviously has been working hard to gain her role as Daisy Duke once again.

If Weight Watchers and some squats is all it takes to lose 50 pounds of baby weight, we should all be fortunate enough to look this good. Jessica Simpson has been the first to say that the journey was not an easy one, though her fiancé and her fans have been very supportive.


Jessica Simpson has worked hard to get her baby weight off. The Weight Watchers spokeswoman has now proven the weight is off by wearing Daisy Dukes.