Jimmy Fallon ‘Blew His Chance’ to Date Nicole Kidman

Jan 8, 2015 at 11:08 am |

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Jimmy Fallon was in shock and stunned when Nicole Kidman told him on The Tonight Show Tuesday night (Jan. 6) that she was open to dating him.

Several years ago a mutual friend introduced the two of them to each other and it was a disaster. Kidman came over to Fallon’s house where he didn’t say much and he was apparently underdressed!

After Kidman left, she figured that he had no interest and that was that.

The two shared the embarrassing story of their encounter and Fallon was in awe that she was interested in him, making for quite an entertaining segment!

Now the two are both married with kids, so there is no hope of them ever giving it a second shot! Kidman is married to rockstar Keith Urban so we’re sure she is plenty happy with that relationship anyhow – then again, it is Hollywood!

Jimmy Fallon made the biggest mistake of his life. Watch this hilarious interview!