John Mayer is No Prince Charming… and He Never Claimed To Be

Mar 7, 2014 at 8:10 am |

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John Mayer has struck again and broke another heart. He was not exactly delicate about it either, flaunting the other woman before the news of his break up with Katy Perry was official, and getting caught texting with yet another gal. Katy is being a lady about the whole thing by not bad mouthing her ex even though she had plenty of ammo and answering coyly when asked if she had a boyfriend “my fans are my boyfriend.” Despite the fact that he is not a gentleman, much less a prince charming, she remains ever the lady and keeps her title of Princess of Pop.

The question at this point is not so much why he does it. It is why do women keep thinking that they will be the one to change him? What is it about John Mayer (aside from his soulful eyes, that smooth voice, and his tall dark and handsome build) that make beautiful Hollywood women continue to date him?

3 Reasons Women Keep Dating Notorious Womanizers

The Challenge

The challenge is irresistible. Many beautiful women like a challenge when it comes to love, after all most men fall unto beautiful women’s laps. A womanizer does not fall he is more of a challenge than most men and therefor compelling.

Bad Boy Weakness

Primal Magnetism, face it a bad guy is often dangerous, from an evolutionary standpoint a more powerful perhaps dangerous mate will bring out an animal side in many woman. After all, a strong mysterious man is likely to be a better hunter than a soft around the edges gentleman. This does not mean that being a jerk equates strength, but there is a correlation between being a stronger male and therefor becoming a womanizer, do to the ease the male has had with women because of his magnetism.

Things Will Be Different With Her

She thinks there is something special about her and about their situation, despite his past record. Part of this falls back to the womanizer being a challenge. Beyond that, many woman who are attracted to men who have proven to be heart breakers have a track record of their own. They may have left a trail of tears behind them and have a romantic idea about being the one to tame the beast because they are a little wild too.


We really did think that this relationship was going to last but looks like John Mayer has messed up yet another relationship, and beautiful women from all walks of life have tried to tame him. In his defense though (outside of his lyrics) he does not claim to be settle down material. He is unapologetic about who he is, not to blame Katy for getting her heart broken but she knew who she was dating from day one. His past is not classified.

John Mayer has struck again, this time leaving pop princess Katy Perry’s heart on the floor. Why do women keep trusting him?