Juan Pablo: It’s Okay, You Were The Worst Bachelor Ever

Mar 12, 2014 at 4:53 pm |

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell


The Venezuelan-American knockout Mr. Juan Pablo Galavis for sure has gained a lot of hatred from his fans and I will not defend him. It’s well known that the Latin beau can’t deal very well with being in the spotlight, but guess what if you signed up for a TV Reality Show that’s what comes with the gig. This show will do many things to ‘The Bachelor’ but one of those things will be expose him for better or for worse. The audience expects from ‘The Bachelor’ to be able to show his real emotions, feelings, compassion and say more than ‘Dame Besitos’ (Give me kisses), ‘I like her a lot’ or his favorite line ‘It’s Ok’. Guess what… It’s NOT OKAY!

Nikki Ferrell Juan Pablo The Bachelor


Juan Pablo, 32, started the series as the sexy single dad and soccer player, but soon became a thoughtless spokesperson making controversial comments about gay people and marriage. Ouch! The PR of ‘The Bachelor’ had a hard time with this one.  It’s a no brainer that being hot and sporty is not very cerebral…or just ask ‘Sharleen Joynt’ the honest opera singer that left the show in Miami because she couldn’t connect with him in an intellectual level.

Juan Pablo used his second language for his advantage, saying that maybe what he says is not exactly what he means, just because english is not his first language.  I consider that total BS and his honesty card totally backed fire when The New Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, after the ‘Fantasy Suite’ episode told him ‘Do you not see there’s a difference between being an a++hole and being honest? Well said Andi. Somebody had to put this Latin lover in his place. His reaction: ‘That’s Okay. If you don’t think it’s going to work, that’s okay’. OMG! Really? If this girl was in your final 3 that means that you really wanted to be with her and guess what… you didn’t even fight for her. It just simply looked like he didn’t even care. What type of Bachelor are you? FREAK!


And by the way, the manner he ended things with Claire in the Final Rose Ceremony,  “Whoo! I’m glad I didn’t pick her” he said. What a douche! Who says that on national television? He is just digging his own grave.

Now that this torture is ‘finito’ we need desperately need to do a recap  of ‘After the Final Rose’ special where we saw a controversial conversation between Juan Pablo, his pick, Nikki Ferrel, who he didn’t proposed to, and Chris Harrison, the Host of the show. J

Juan Pablo repeatedly told to Harrison ‘Don’t interrupt me’. It’s also well known that there has been a lot of tension between the production team and their ‘loved’ Bachelor. Sources connected to the show said ‘everyone on the show is just so over him’. Well guess what you are not the only ones.

Harrison tried very hard to get the 3 letter L word from ‘The Bachelor’, which he resisted until the end of the show. I really wasn’t expecting Juan Pablo to express his deep emotions. But something right?All he managed to say was “Nikki and I are great! We are very happy!”


Another weird moment was when Juan Pablo said his plans to move somewhere “changed drastically 2 weeks ago.”  There were some rumors that he was dropped from the Dancing with the Stars cast a couple of weeks ago. It’s very obvious there are certain issues between Juan Pablo and ABC.

And there was yet another strange moment when Harrison said Juan Pablo had promised a show executive he would deliver a ‘surprise’ during the finale… maybe a proposal? But when he was asked, ‘The Bachelor’ just said he had no surprise to reveal.

“I’m sorry the show didn’t end up the way you guys wanted it to,” he said during the live special. According to a new report, he was bluffing! There was a surprise, and he just backed out at the last minute! Ohh well! We will never know what really went on.

During the special, guest Catherine Giudici (who just married Sean Lowe, the former Bachelor) said on air that she was “really confused with the whole situation.” She also explained that he shouldn’t complain about being in the public eye after accepting the role as the Bachelor. “Don’t slap the hand that fed you”, she claimed.

Juan Pablo recently wrote on social media ‘Finally Free’. He won’t do any post-season publicity for the show. Why he went on the show in the first place is a mystery if he can’t deal with fame or being on the public eye. JUST WRONG!

I have faith that ABC will learn their lesson from the disaster of this season.  I hope that for the next time they will cast a guy with real feelings and that he will not be afraid to show his emotions and please he will not say ‘It’s Okay!

‘The Bachelor’ is a TV show where you expect amazing declarations of love with breath taking locations, this time they didn’t deliver. I am a little disappointed but regardless of that awkward finale I am a helpless romantic who already found her true love! Wink wink.

The Venezuelan-American knockout Mr. Juan Pablo Galavis for sure has gained a lot of hatred from his fans and I will not defend him. It’s well known that the Latin beau can’t deal very well with being in the spotlight, but that’s what you get if you signed up for a TV Reality Show.