Justin Bieber Asks Beliebers to Give Back: 6 Ways You Can Help

Feb 28, 2014 at 6:39 am |

Justin Bieber Giveback

Happy birthday, Justin Bieber! As the pop icon turns 20 on Saturday, March 1, he is asking his fans to celebrate with him by participating in #giveback on Twitter.

Bad Boy Image

The young star has been making waves lately with his bad boy image. From resisting arrest to partying hard, Bieber has been making life for his Beliebers difficult. Despite his shortcomings (or perhaps in spite of it!), Justin Bieber has 49.9 million Twitter followers and 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

One Birthday Wish

“#giveback for my bday. let me know how you are helping change your community and world. thanks” Posted @justinbieber via Twitter on February 27 to nearly 50 million followers.


And Beliebers got the message. Within 15 minutes over 30,000 followers had retweeted his status to their own followers. Others favorited the Tweet and countless followers responded:

@justinbieber i try to #giveback everyday by being a voice for people and also try to show them things get better and to not give up!:) – @danioffciall

All he asked us to do for his birthday was to #giveback Dont ever tell me that he is heartless or doesnt care. – @DatCandianGotMe

@justinbieber I raised £120 for #ChildhoodCancer #giveback despite the negativity. you’re a true inspiration justin pic.twitter.com/gnq0JqAMvD – @imboyjustin

It’s Not the First Time…

If you think this is the first time Justin Bieber has given back, you would be mistaken.

Bieber worked on a #GiveBackPhilippines campaign in December that raised over $480,000 in just one day. His Twitter followers were encouraged to give back and get the chance to win a face-to-face with him in his goal of raising a cool $1M for the Philippines.

Justin Bieber has been a part of hospital visits, fundraisers and give back projects in the past. Could this #giveback birthday campaign be a sign of the superstar working to mend his ways? His fans certainly seem to think so.

Join the Beliebers in #Giveback

A few popular ways you can join in and give back to your community:

  1. Volunteer time at a local school or community center
  2. Donate funds to the Red Cross for disaster relief
  3. Give funds to research centers for childhood cancer or diabetes
  4. Donate blood
  5. Pass on gently used clothing and household items to a local Goodwill or Salvation Army
  6. Pick up trash or litter in public places
  7. Drop off food at your local food bank

In light of his infamous behavior, Justin Bieber seems to be looking to atone for his bad reputation by calling on followers to join him in something bigger.