Justin Bieber Plea Deal Under Way

Mar 21, 2014 at 8:42 am |

Justin Bieber Egg

(Miami Beach Police Dept.)

Everyone who has watched the news lately knows that Justin Bieber just keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper. From claiming that he and Selena Gomez are done for good, to taping bizarre depositions that make little to no sense, to generally acting as if he is above the law, more and more people are beginning to get sick of his antics. That being said, everyone also knows about his recent indictment for the egging of a neighbor’s house earlier this year.

Bieber and his buds supposedly attacked the neighbor’s house with dozens of eggs and intentionally caused up to $20,000 in damage. The neighbor took the case to the police, and they traced the damage back to Bieber and his friends. A subsequent search of Bieber’s home turned up drugs and drug paraphernalia, an offense that was later tried in another case. Bieber is being charged with a felony even though most cases of this nature would be tried as misdemeanors. Bieber, however, was charged with a felony for two reasons: the attack was intentional, and it caused massive amounts of damage. The neighbor also claims that Bieber has harassed him on occasion.

Justin Biebers Eggs

Courtesy: TMZ/SplashNews

The district attorney, however, decided that the case could be tried as a misdemeanor for the purposes of the plea deal that is underway. Bieber will be forced to pay for all the damages as they have been repaired and assessed, and he will also plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge in order to keep the case from ever going to court. Some may cry foul claiming that Bieber got off easy and that his celebrity status kept him from serving real justice. But it would seem that with the recent stream of truly strange behaviors that Bieber has been exhibiting, he is sure to get himself into a bind that he cannot wiggle free of.

This egging case is only one of many court cases that Bieber has pending. He is also up on drug possession charges, vandalism charges, and more. It would seem that this Canadian heartthrob would learn his lesson and just lie low for a bit, but Justin in true pop-star fashion is eager to stay in the spotlight and do just about whatever he wants. Only time will tell if Bieber can keep getting off easy when it comes to breaking the law, but in a world where people are becoming fed up with special treatment, it seems that Bieber will ultimately get caught in his own web sooner or later.

Everyone who has watched the news lately knows that Justin Bieber just keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper and now he is being charged with a felony.