Kaley Cuoco Seals Her Wedding Love With A Tattoo

Mar 26, 2014 at 9:00 am |

Who doesn’t love Kaley Cuoco?  She’s a great actress and she genuinely seems like she has a great personality.  One person that is extremely in love with her right about now is her new husband.  Kaley married hottie Ryan Sweeting back in July of last year (2013), and just the other day she showed off that she had gotten their wedding date tattooed on her back in between her shoulder blades.

Ryan also has the same tattoo, however, it’s on his forearm.  Ryan’s tattoo also displays Kaley’s name.

Ryan Sweeting Tattoo


These two love birds must really be in love, and just like any marriage, we really hope it lasts, especially being that they now share tattoos.


Kaley debuted her tattoo in some pics that were taken while she was playing tennis with her professional tennis-playing husband, and although she’s not a pro, she did show us just how talented she can be in sports.  Turns out, acting isn’t the only thing she’s good at, but we kind of figured that anyway.

Ryan Sweeting and Kaley Cuoco Tattoos

Credit: John M. Heller/Getty

Kaley and Ryan are known for doing things spur of the moment, so we’re not sure if the tattoos were planned out or not.  Remember when the duo got married only six months after meeting?  They sure do like to move fast.  Let’s take a quick look at some things you may not know about Kaley.

  • Kaley and her The Big Bang Theory co-star, Johnny Galecki, actually dated for about two years, but things didn’t work out and that’s fine with Kaley because she ended up tying the knot with Ryan.
  • She likes riding horses.  In fact, back in 2010, she fell off a horse and broke her leg.  As a result she had to miss out on two episodes of filming The Big Bang Theory.
  • Remember Kaley when she played in 8 Simple Rules?  If you do, then you remember that she played the older sister; however in real life, she’s actually a full six years younger than the girl, Amy Davidson, who she played the older sister to.
  • Lastly, you probably didn’t know that Kaley doesn’t eat meat.  That’s right.  She’s a proud and dedicated vegetarian.

Still going strong, Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting get matching wedding date tattoos. Ryan even gets Kaley’s name on his arm.