close up of kate middleton with fascinator

Kate Middleton

In the U.S. we call her Kate Middleton (b. January 9,1982,) but her proper title is “Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge.” Even at her wedding, she arrived to the nuptials as a commoner–but left as a Princess. Middleton, the daughter of a coal miner family-turned millionaires–is often described as being similar to Princess Diana. Kate, Prince William’s sweetheart, is a champion of the people, somewhat relatable (she will be the first college educated Queen,) and has become a worldwide high fashion icon. In 2011 she and “the love of her life” Prince William were married in one of our generations most memorable ceremonies at Westminster Abbey in London. Since then Kate has been the object of adoration from her subjects, which only increased when Middleton gave birth to a baby boy in 2013, Prince George. Even more exciting, it’s recently been announced that the future Queen is pregnant again, so everyone’s very excited to see what’s delivered in this next royal package!