Katy Perry at the Elle Style Awards 2014

Katy Perry

Candy pop has never tasted so good, especially when delivered by its poster girl, Katy Perry (b. October 25, 1984.) Born into a family of Evangelical pastors, Perry’s first album-released under birth name Katy Hudson–was met with zero acclaim. In a successful attempt to gain some traction, Perry left her Gospel side behind and went with something a little more scandalous like Kissed a Girl. Finally, her career began to blow up. Perry followed up her success with Hot n Cold, but it wasn’t until she released her album Teenage Dream that she really became a national “firework.” The album tied Michael Jackson’s Thriller for having FIVE No. 1 singles. From bedecking herself in life-size candy to wearing only whipped cream, Katy’s not afraid to show off her sweet fashion sense and technicolored style. Perry’s love life, however, hasn’t been quite a bright. The singer was unexpectedly married to British comedian Russell Brand in 2010, but things ended in divorce only a year later.