Kim Kardashian Announces Pregnancy — But What Will The Name Be?

Jun 1, 2015 at 3:28 pm |

Kim K. is Pregnant Again — Twitter Votes on Baby Names

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Kimye is pregnant. So get ready world – West baby number two is on the way!

“I just got the blood test back and I am pregnant!” an elated Kim Kardashian announced to her sister Khloe in a teaser for the hit reality TV series Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 

The reality TV celebrity has made it very public that she’s been trying to add to the family for a while now, and has documented on the show how difficult it’s been for her to get pregnant for the second time. “We are trying. We try every single day. You can’t try harder than we try,” Kim has admitted. “It’s getting exhausting. [Kanye] always says, ‘Trying for baby No. 2 isn’t as fun as trying to baby No. 1.'”

Well, all that “exhaustion” has finally paid off guys. Congratulations!

Unsurprisingly, the entire world is already prescribing names for the child with an overwhelming majority calling for a continuation of the family’s ‘directional’ name trend with the name ‘South West.’ (The couple’s first child is named North West – or affectionally called Nori for short by the family.)

Our Top 5 Baby Names Wish List:

1. South West

Good Morning America just reported that Kim Kardashian is pregnant. Betcha she names this one South.

Posted by Camille Reynolds on Monday, June 1, 2015

2. Wild West

3. South by South West

4. Zayn West

5. Fievel Goes West

Which direction will the couple lean for this baby’s name? South West?