Kim Kardashian Gets Schooled by Armani Twitter Account

Jun 17, 2015 at 2:14 pm |

Kim Kardashian Gives Interview

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

When you have almost 33 million followers on Twitter, you’d better be careful of what you write and how you write it. Ahem…Kim Kardashian.

Kim is fairly used to getting what she wants and when she wants it. So when she found out that designer brand Giorgio Armani was planning on discontinuing her very favorite foundation, she voiced her panic on Twitter, asking the company to bring the product back to their shelves.

Only one problem: when you’re writing to one of the most acclaimed fashion houses in the world asking them for a favor, you might want to spell the designer’s name correctly. Note: its “Giorgio” not “Georgio.” Silly Americans.

The designer line’s Twitter account had no problem serving Kim a slice of humble pie in their oh-so-polite response, offering Kim a replacement bottle of whatever foundation she wanted and casually reminding her of the correct spelling of Mr. Armani’s name.

Awkward. But Kim took the correction in stride and apologized for the fashion faux pas, blaming the misspelling on her unborn child. “Thank you so much and my apologies on the spelling error, this expecting Mommy is a tad sleep deprived,” wrote Kimmy.

Chances are Kim can expect more than a few Armani freebies headed her way, and she’ll probably be a little more diligent when spelling people’s names on a social media account that reaches the same number of people as the population of Canada.

Kim K. was served a nice, big slice of humble pie.