Kimmel Tries To Top Ellen With A 3-Clinton Selfie

Mar 24, 2014 at 12:38 pm |

Everyone has seen the classic Oscar selfie that Ellen created during the award show, including Jared Leto’s one eye. Kimmel has decided that he wants in on the record-breaking action as well and decides that he’s going to create a selfie with former President Bill Clinton, former secretary of state Hilary Clinton, and their daughter Chelsea.

The late night talk show host tweeted the photo according to Yahoo News posting the Kimmel-Clinton selfie and acknowledged “No Brad Cooper”. The lack of interest in the photo could show that Kimmel doesn’t have the power that Ellen does or that Brad Cooper holds more appeal than the Clintons do, which is not shocking to anyone.


Jimmy Kimmel was tasked with interviewing Hilary Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative University, which was in Tempe, Arizona. He was able to interview the entire family, including Bill and Chelsea. He talked to Hilary about her plans for running in 2016 and then took the opportunity to grab a photo with them afterwards.

The Wrap reports that Kimmel grabbed his cell phone to take a selfie and had a crowd of students fill in the background. It was estimated that approximately 1,000 students were in attendance.

For the most part, the interview was very light. The Clintons shared that they enjoyed the PBS show “Antiques Roadshow” and that Hilary was still weighing her options as it applies to 2016. She dodged the question from a few people and finally said, “I am very much concerned” in terms of how she felt about the general direction that the country is taking.

While Kimmel did not beat the Oscar selfie in terms of the number of A-listers or even retweets, it may have won in terms of prestige. He could have found himself with a former and future President of the United States. Not bad for a late-night host that helped out by hosting a panel in Arizona. Take that, Ellen.

The selfie can be seen in Twitter as well as Facebook with the hashtag “selfie” attached. Kimmel gave shout-outs in the post to the actual Twitter handles of Bill, Hilary, and Chelsea. They’re verified, so it’ makes it possible to follow them and see how many times the photo has been favorited and retweeted.

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel attempts to compete with the record-breaking selfie that Ellen took at the Oscars with his own featuring three Clintons.