Kylie Jenner’s Butt Revealed: We Finally Know How It Got So Big

Jul 31, 2015 at 12:12 pm |

Kylie Jenner’s ‘Butt Enhancing Cream’ & ‘Breast Plumping Lotion’

Kylie Jenner’s butt and cleavage have both been a source of much debate over the past year as they’ve both scored recurring roles on the reality celeb’s Instagram account — and we’ve all noticed that they both seemed to undergo some major, ahem, developments.

Amidst rumors of plastic surgery, “butt fillers,” and other cosmetic methods of enhancement, Kylie has finally come out with the secret weapon she uses to create those curvaceous lines of her hers — butt enhancing cream and breast plumping lotion. Because apparently those things exist.


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Kylie Jenner made the big reveal yesterday on her Instagram account, featuring both the product and some pretty salacious shots of her behind and cleavage, the proof is definitely in the pudding.

 “I love sharing my beauty secrets with you guys and this is a favorite! @PureLeef offers products with All Natural ingredients (which is important to me) to help maintain & accentuate your curves! @PureLeef’s butt enhancement cream & Breast plumping lotion stimulate fat cells in the target areas. I started seeing results after only a month of consistent use. Love their products Visit #curvesonfleek.”

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But is Kylie revealing the whole truth about how her curves got “on fleek,” or is she just trying to pacify everyone’s questions and make some money?

So THAT’S her secret weapon.