Lady Gaga Crowned Germany’s ‘Prettiest’ Cow

Jun 12, 2015 at 12:37 pm |

As if any other cow even had a chance.

Lady Gaga, the cow version, has been crowned the cutest bovine in all the land at the German Holstein Show in Oldenburg, Germany. Officially the ‘prettiest’ cow in attendance, Gaga competed with over 200 other ladies for the coveted title.

The pampered model even travels with her own stylist responsible trimming, shampooing, and brushing the lady beast.

“For a cow of this age she’s in phenomenal form,” juror Klaus-Dieter Augustin said in the Germany-focused English language website The Local.

Just keep milking them for those compliments, Gaga!

This isn’t her first rodeo either. You can see all of Lady Gaga’s major accomplishments listed here (in German). Her owner describes her as “modest,” but we know she’s never afraid to moove into the spotlight.



Ra ra-ah-ah-ah. Roma MOO GaGa!