Laura the Chameleon Loves to Pop Bubbles

Jul 20, 2015 at 3:08 pm |

My Bubbles!

Just like a 4-month-old child, Laura the 4-month-old chameleon likes to pop bubbles – a lot.

Laura’s owner, YouTuber DeBakesalot describes how Laura came to be the enemy of bubbles everywhere, and the internet’s favorite new celebrity pet.

“This was the first time I noticed Laura’s interest in bubbles. I didn’t even plan this video, I just had her out and she was crawling over me and then my mom started blowing bubbles because my dog likes to pop them as well. Then, I noticed Laura was watching them with both eyes (which means chameleons are extremely interested because they have the capability to move their eyes in different directions), so I just moved her closer and almost instinctively she tried popping them.”

Somehow the scene looks like something out of Don Quixote as Laura’s tiny hands strive to reach out and destroy each bubble that closes in on her. Get them Laura, get them!

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I love Laura AND her bubbles!