Learning How to Be Happy from My Golden Retriever

Jul 22, 2015 at 1:37 pm |

“All I need to know I learned from my dog.” I know that sounds silly but many of us pet owners believe the best lessons learned in life come from our dogs, including big things like how to be happy. Meet Summer, and her mom Zabrina, in our video below – Summer is an adorable golden retriever and runt of the litter. Summer may not be teaching Zabrina how to get a job or how to solve word problems, but she gives Zabrina a way to check in with herself and ask: Am I happy? And if not, how can I be? See their adorable bond in the video. It’s too cute!


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Someone once said that dogs are only one part of our busy lives but we are the essential part of theirs. That’s certainly true. But we can’t underestimate the value they bring to our lives and our families, beyond companionship. They can teach us to be more caring, to be more generous, or even, that it’s okay to let it all hang out sometimes. (Golden retrievers, in particular, are good at that!)

Do you have a dog? How about a cat? Bird? Lion? Think about how your life may have changed since your pet came into your life. What has your pet taught you? Has your pet taught you how to be happy? Would you say: “My dog taught me everything I need to know”?

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All I need to know I learned from my dog. Almost. Meet Summer: a super cute golden retriever and runt of the litter who teaches her mom about happiness.