Lena Duham Refuses Marriage Until Gay Sister Can Wed in All 50 States

Oct 3, 2014 at 9:30 am |

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Carroll Dunham, Grace Dunham, Lena Dunham and Laurie Simmons attends the premiere of ‘Tiny Furniture’ John W. Ferguson/Getty Images

Girls creator and frontwoman Lena Dunham refuses to tie the knot with her rockstar boyfriend Jack Antonoff until the U.S. ties the knot on gay marriage nationwide.

In a chat with radio personality Howard Stern, Lena discussed her position on the issue, “We’re not against marriage, but I wanna wait until it’s something–my sister’s gay and it just doesn’t feel good to me to do something she can’t do. She can do it in some places but not all places.”

Since there are still 31 states where gay marriage is illegal (and it might take a while for Alaska to happily jump on board,) Lena might be holding back her “I do” until Girls: Season 13. Lena’s sister Grace Dunham is also a native New Yorker, along with the rest of the family, and could technically be married at any time. So, is this Lena’s way of fully embracing her political stance, or is she just providing herself with a personal buffer to avoid the alter? We may never know for sure, though a small army of politically-charged stars have mirrored Lena’s stance in the past–including Jason Mraz, Natalie Portman, Brangelina, and Charlize Theron.


Interestingly enough, the controversial celebrity outed Grace to their parents before her sister had the chance–depriving her of that very personal moment. Dunham discussed her folly in an interview with New York Times Magazine following the release of her collection of personal essays, I’m Not That Kind of Girl.

“’What I didn’t say in the book is how it messed up our relationship for like two years,’ Lena explained. The sisters then go on to disagree on just how long Lena was able to keep the secret. As Grace remembered it, Lena couldn’t last two days keeping the news to herself.

‘It was not two days,’ Lena said. ‘It was a month.’

‘It was about a week,’ Grace said. ‘It was about two weeks to one week.’

‘You came out to me, like, a week into shooting Tiny Furniture — Lena’s 2010 feature film — ‘and I didn’t tell Mom and Dad for like a week after we wrapped.'”

It might be interesting to find out Grace’s opinion of Lena’s political stance on her behalf.

Who knows, maybe this just means Grace will end up married before Lena?


Is Lena Dunham being honorable by refusing marriage until her gay sister can get married legally in all 50 states? Check it out…