Lip Dub From Group of Veterans and Kesha Look-Alike Goes Viral

Nov 12, 2014 at 1:08 pm |

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Mat Best, a former Army Ranger, decided to make this funny video in honor of Veteran’s Day–starring “Kesha.”

The truth is Best, owner of Article 15 Clothing, made a video with his buddies and co-workers (who are also veterans) to help promote his business on Facebook.

With the help of friend and actress, Lindsay Lamb, the group decided to do a lip dub video with “Kesha,” and Lamb is pretty convincing.

Thank you veterans, and hope you had a great Veteran’s Day!

Do you listen to Kesha? Whether you do or not, you will love this lip dub video from a group of veterans and a Kesha look-alike. Watch the video here!