Listen to the Beatles Chat About Meeting ‘The King’

Jan 8, 2015 at 5:03 pm |

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It’s now been 38 years since Elvis has officially left the building, but America’s favorite rockstar will always hold the throne as The King.

It’s hard to believe those hips would be 80 years old today, but the city of Memphis has been abuzz with celebrations, musical performances, and the opening of a new exhibit at the Graceland museum in recognition of his contribution to music history.

To commemorate his birthday, check out this incredible video in which members of the Beatles discuss their infamous one-time meeting with “mister hips” at his estate in LA.

After rolling around on Mulholland Drive, and ‘drinking several cups of tea,’ the Brits toppled out of their Cadillac into the living room of a legend.

George Harrison discusses the arrival at length saying, “We went in the house and there’s Elvis sitting on the couch, playing a Fender bass plugged in an amplifier, watching the TV.”

While Elvis was past his prime and the Beatles were on their way (way) up – which potentially could’ve created some friction in their get together – the Beatles were still massive fans of Elvis, known to cover his songs at the time. The meeting of these two cultural colossuses is a fun one to imagine.

It seems that time, and “life’s experiences,” may have slightly atrophied or augmented their memory of the event, but together they give you a pretty excellent impression of the moment.

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