Look Who’s Back Together: The Justin’s Win Back Their Gals

Mar 12, 2014 at 1:18 pm |

It seems to be a week for lovers getting back together.

Justin and Selena.  Can we ever get enough of them?  Are they ever going to decide if they want to be together or go their separate ways?  It was just a few days ago that Selena thought Justin was being childish for calling her a princess on Instagram.  But now it seems that things are going in the complete opposite direction.  The two love birds were recently seen hugging and kissing in McAllen, Texas.  The two went out for breakfast, and a long breakfast at that.  The owner of the restaurant where the two ate at said the duo sat at their table showing plenty of PDA for more than an hour and half.

And to keep people from hanging on the fence as to whether or not they are seeing lots of each other these days, Justin posted some videos of the two dancing with one another.  And when we say dancing, we mean dirty dancing.  The videos were posted on Instagram; however, they were almost immediately taken down.  Our only guess is that Justin didn’t want to see all the haters’ comments, but he did want the world to know that him and Selena are definitely on good terms.


Since we’re talking about getting back together, what’s up with Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux?  The two grabbed lunch together yesterday (March 10) in New York.  This was the first time the couple has been seen out in public since way back in December.  The two must still intend on getting married because Jennifer was sporting her engagement ring, and there was no way to miss it.  It’s a whopping eight to nine carats.  It reportedly cost around half a million dollars.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux


We’re happy to see all these love birds working things out, and even more happy that Bieber has kept himself from getting in trouble over the past couple of weeks.  His deposition didn’t go too well the other day, but who could blame him?  If you were getting ragged with questions about the love of your life, you would probably freak out too.

Even though February is the official month of love, it seems love is filling the air in March as well. The Justin’s have their gals back!