Rogue Golf Cart Spins Up Trouble With Loyola University Campus Police

Apr 22, 2015 at 7:13 pm |

A good, long laugh was had at Loyola University in Chicago on April 16. A prankster got ahold of a campus golf cart and gave it life by locking the wheel in place and running it in reverse at full throttle. The vehicle remained spinning for several minutes until the campus police arrived.

The situation proved to be quite difficult as the authorities called in for back up. The golf cart was no match against the police batons but it put up a good fight. Many students stood by and watched with amusement as the police chased the golf cart around in circles. Eventually the vehicle was brought to a halt and the officers got a well deserved applause. Lucky for this prankster, he got away with it.


Watch the entertaining Loyola University campus golf cart prank below!

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