Maggie Q Shows Up to Divergent Premiere Sans Undies and Showing All Leg

Mar 20, 2014 at 1:01 pm |

Who doesn’t like a little black dress? The clothing is versatile, can be worn to almost any function and any women is able to look great in one. Maggie Q recently took the concept of a little black dress to a whole new extreme at the recent premiere of ‘Divergent’, as there is very little of her dress to begin with. Maggie stepped out onto the red carpet, Maggie Q turned heads and captured the attention of every person outside the Regency Bruin Theater as she went on to flaunt her perfectly toned legs that daringly remained exposed all the way up to her underarm.

The dress seemingly had one entire side cut off and then thin straps connected the dress along the side of her leg and up her back. These straps, evenly spaced apart, allowed onlookers to essentially see her entire side, and it became evident immediately that everything underneath the dress was all Maggie Q, as she had decided to go sans underwear all together.

In order to avoid altering the composition of the cutouts and throw off the even pattern, Maggie Q seemingly had no other choice, but it made her dress even that much more daring. The dress seemed to have two alter-egos, as one side of the dress appeared conservative, with a high neck line, full sleeve and a cut skirt running to her mid thigh. However, the reverse side is what will keep people talking for weeks to come as audiences everywhere are sure to wonder what she will show up with at her next premiere. The cut opposite side feature no sleeve at all, and the exposed leg starts in the middle of her front thigh and remains exposed all the way to the back middle of her thigh.

While the dress might show off more skin that what many might be comfortable with, Maggie Q is one of the few individuals in Hollywood who can pull off this look. With her already exotic look and perfectly sculpted legs, the provocative dress flows beautifully with her body and is the perfect addition to an already seductive femme fatale who might just pick up a new leading role with the attention she is receiving from the dress.

Maggie Q makes daring entrance to Divergent premiere in provocative cutout dress and no underwear, giving onlooks a show of her toned legs from under the dress.