Man Accidentally Texts His Probation Officer Asking for Weed

Oct 24, 2014 at 2:37 pm |

If anybody out there is planning on writing a book or casting a movie about America’s dumbest people, we found your lead!

Alvin Cross Jr., who was recently released from jail after a drug-related crime, is heading back for a two-year sentence after pleading guilty to having a bag of cocaine in his possession. However, an accidental text message is responsible for cluing the police in to search Cross’ home for drugs in the first place.

Cross sent a text message to his probation officer (stored in his phone as “Proby”) asking, “You got some weed?” The officer replied with, “You don’t know who you sent this to…do you?”

The probation officer decided to raid Cross’ house after “suspecting” that he might be carrying drug paraphernalia– grounds for violating probation.

For Cross’ sake, let’s hope he was high when he sent the message. Because otherwise, he might hold the record for dumbest person alive.

A man accidentally texts his probation officer for weed, and gets put back in jail. Click here to find out how the probation officer responded!