Man Plays Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’ on Guitar During Brain Surgery

Jun 5, 2015 at 7:00 am |

This Brazilian man played the Beatles’ “Yesterday” during his OWN brain surgery.

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Typically during a surgery the chief surgeon has reigning choice over the procedure’s soundtrack, but during one Brazilian man’s operation the doctors got a full-fledged concert — from the patient himself.
At the Our Lady of Conception hospital in Tubarão, Anthony Kulkamp Dias, a 33-year-old bank worker, played songs including the Beatles’ “Yesterday” as he was kept conscious during an operation to remove a tumor. In a Facebook post about the procedure, the hospital said that by keeping Dias conscious, surgeons were better able to map his brain activity, reducing the risk of damage.

If it’d been me I would’ve gone with “I’m Only Sleeping.”

Kulkamp also played a tune that he wrote for his son. Listen below.

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Here’s wishing Kulkamp a speedy recovery!

This amazing man gave a full concert while having brain surgery.