Man Receives Father’s Day Card 20 Years After His Son’s Death

Jul 14, 2015 at 6:06 pm |

Father’s Day Card Finally Delivered From His Dead Son, 26 Years Later

Letter from Beyond the Grave


Duane Schrock Sr. never though he’d have the opportunity to hear from his son again, but recently he received a message from beyond the grave, 26 years after it’d been initially sent. It was a Father’s Day card from his son, who died of AIDS in 1995.

In 1989 Duane Shrock Jr. sent a simple message to his father, but the card suffered the fate we fear for all of our snail-mail — it was lost in transit. And most times when the U.S. Post Office loses a piece of mail, it’s lost forever lost to the tides of time. However, Duane’s father finally received his son’s message, only a few days after this year’s Father’s Day, 2015.

“Somebody picked up the ball and carried it and after all these years they must still have forwarded it,” Schrock, now 87 years old, told WSET. “I still kind of tear up when I think about it.”

If you look at the front of the card you can see the myriad of failures and attempts it’d seen during its long journey. The card had been returned to the sender and forwarded on several times, as Shrock Sr. changed locations through the years.

Duane Jr.’s words are simple, yet poignant considering how many years it’d been since Shrock had seen his son alive. Shrock Sr. also admits that the two had been estranged at the time due to his inability to deal with his son’s homosexuality.

“Dear, Dad, we haven’t been in touch for quite a while, I’m doing fine and am very happy in Richmond, I’d like to hear from you. Have a Happy Father’s Day, Love Duane,” the letter read.

Shrock says that the message is like sign from heaven that his son is doing just fine.

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