Mariah Carey Sings Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

Mar 26, 2015 at 12:10 pm |

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We’ve all sung a little bit of Mariah on cruise control. After all, “Always Be My Baby” was pretty much made for full-on-windows-down-volume-up car belting.

But does Mariah sing her own songs while she’s driving?

New Late Late Show host James Corden recently had a very special passenger with him while cruising the streets of Los Angeles – the diva herself. Because, you know, when you’re bored while doing errands it’s fun to have Mariah Carey there to entertain you.

Surprisingly, James Corden’s Mariah impression is pretty on point while they sing through the cannon: “Fantasy,” “Vision of Love,” and “Thirsty.” Mariah even gave us her best British dialect – and it’s nothing to scoff at. She does admit she doesn’t much feel like singing though. “I’m not singing today. I was up all night.” Sure thing, Mariah.

The two even had a few moments of flirtation – Mariah IS back on the market after all! But Corden quickly nipped that in the bud saying, “I’m a married man. You’ve gotta stop what you’re doing, cause I know exactly what you’re doing.”

Just in case you’re hankering to hear the original now…

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This video is your dream (lover) come true – singing Mariah Carey karaoke with Mariah herself!?