Mariah Carey Upsets Her Fans

Feb 26, 2014 at 7:47 am |

Mariah Carey sure is getting talked about a lot lately.  Come to think of it, this is no surprise given all the stunts she’s pulled.  First of all, on Valentine’s Day, she shared some pictures of herself on Instagram in which she was covered in nothing but candy.  The only thing this could mean is that she was wanting some attention.


It only makes sense that she’s wanting attention given all the rumors swirling around that her and her lover boy, Nick Cannon, are going through some marital problems.  A source has even come out to say that Mariah has “had it with Nick.”

So, what is it that she’s upset with Nick about?  Well, let’s see.  Certain people are saying that he’s not too fond of the men that Mariah works with, including Miguel and Trey Songz.  Being that Mariah does tend to let men put their hands all over her in her videos, we can somewhat see why Nick might be a little bit upset.

Moving on from her marriage problems, let’s talk a little bit Mariah’s cute picture that she recently posted on Instagram.

Just how adorable is little Roe (short for Monroe), and you’ll also notice how serious Mariah is about her teaching her little girl about beauty.  At least Mariah has got her her daughter to play with, regardless of how her marriage is going.  And don’t forget, Mariah has two little ones to play with.  Roe is the twin sister of Moroccon, Mariah’s little boy.

Lastly, one of the reasons Mariah is drawing in so much attention lately is because she is failing her fans.  Her new single is not doing well at all.  This comes somewhat as a surprise given all the promotion the song, You’re Mine, has received.  In fact, it’s very surprising that the song isn’t on the Billboard Hot 100.  To make things worse, the song isn’t even landing on the top 1,000 songs on iTunes.

Hopefully things will start turning around for Mariah, for both her career and her marriage.  Those kids are too darn cute not to have their mommy and daddy together.  Good luck Nick and Mariah.


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Mariah Carey has found herself being talked about a lot lately. Some of it’s because she’s asking for attention, and then part of the reason is because she’s letting down her fans.