Matt Damon Sends Butt Fax to Kimmel and Affleck

Feb 18, 2014 at 7:00 am |

Who are two of the best actors to ever walk the face of the earth?  Are you thinking of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon?  Yeah, that’s who we’re thinking of too.  Not only are these two men good looking, but they’re also great at what they do.  Best of all, we got to see Matt Damon’s butt on Twitter this past weekend.


Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the best of pics.  But it was good enough for us.

So, you’re probably wondering why in the world did Matt Damon send a butt fax to Jimmy Kimmel via one of the biggest social media platforms?  Let’s dive in and take a quick look.  

First of all, the butt fax wasn’t sent to just Jimmy Kimmel.  In addition, it was sent to Ben Affleck, and it was originally faxed, not tweeted.  Kimmel is the one who took the liberty of plastering the pic on Twitter.

The cheekiness between these fellows started when Jimmy Kimmel provided fans with a link where they could enter a contest to win a date with Affleck and Damon.  Affleck saw the tweet and responded with, “I thank you buddy…Matt on the other hand?  Matt you there? Right. We will fax you.” This was aimed at Damon because he’s never created a Twitter account.

In response, Kimmel tweeted, “Matt is probably too scared to get on twitter because no one likes him…”

To end the remarks being made against Damon, he simply dropped his pants, sat on a scanner and scanned his butt.  He then faxed it to Kimmel, who then tweeted the pic for all to see.

So, who won the dates with Affleck and Damon?  And why would they offer their selves up for a date?  We’re pretty sure they can land their own dates.  The answer is quite honorable.  They’re doing it for charity.  In fact, if you’re interested in landing a date with either of these two hotties, check out Affleck’s latest tweet and get signed up.

Matt Damon may not have a Twitter account, but that doesn’t mean his we can’t see his sexy butt on one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.