Matthew McConaughey’s Golden Words

Mar 8, 2014 at 10:15 am |

A Global Platform

One of the more significant platforms for getting a message out in our culture is the annual Oscar presentations. Periodically, actors use that platform to make statements other than a simple thank you. Sally Field’s “You really like me” has served as a punch line for decades.

How Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech for best actor as Ron Woodruff in Dallas Buyer’s Club will be quoted in the future is unknown. However, it set the digital world abuzz after momentarily drawing a seemingly stunned response from the live viewing audience in Hollywood.

Time magazine quickly weighed in, offering an explanation for what it called a “confounding acceptance speech.” While the article seems to fall short on the promised explanation, it does provide a video clip so readers can review the comments themselves.

Matthew McConaughey Thanks God in Oscars Speech


The Independent provides a British take and the text for the entire speech and reduces it to a somewhat simplisitic “McConaughey thanks himself.” While that is not necessarily a very incisive journalistic perspective, many other members of the media did make an effort to parse the meaning of the comments, God, father, heroes and all.


An interesting take was presented by the Elite Daily, a blog claiming to be the “Voice of Generation Y.” This reviewer attributes both Matthew’s selection of odd roles and his comments on the unique perspective provided by getting high. Really? That kind of makes one wonder about the source of that thoughtful observation.

Twitter was, of course, very much a part of this year’s Oscars ceremonies. In fact, a selfie by host Ellen Degeneres actually crashed the Twitter servers for a brief period. There were thousands of tweets about the McConaughey’s speech, including:

Mathew McConaughey seems like a really good man. Did you notice when he thanked God, the audience nearly took his award away? #Oscars—

Chet Cannon (@Chet_Cannon) March 03, 2014


Matthew McConaughey thanked God at the Oscars. Hope he has a great tax accountant for the coming IRS audit.—

♥ ? (@BettinaVLA) March 03, 2014

As the discussions continue, it will be interesting to see if the newly crowned star adds to the dialogue. In the meantime, Matthew McConaughey will be enjoying his new mantle art and basking in the spotlight as the latest Hollywood BMOC.

Matthew McConaughey’s reference to God in his Oscar acceptance speech for best actor drew a variety of reactions from the Hollywood croud and worldwide media.