Meet Wally, the World’s Cutest Angora Rabbit

Jun 2, 2015 at 4:24 pm |

This Bunny is So Cute You’ll Have to Question Whether Or Not He’s Real…

Sometimes a creature comes along that’s so perfectly adorable, you have to wonder whether or not it’s real.

This bunny is REAL. His name is Wally, and he’s an English Angora rabbit living in Massachusetts with his owner, Molly.┬áThat’s right, Molly + Wally = cutest thing ever. And guess what? They’re both Cancers, because they were born in July (which means they’re both loyal, dependable, caring and trustworthy.) And why would a bunny with ears this floppy lie to you?

Angora rabbits are historically bred for their for their long, soft wool, but Wally has trimmed down for his summer look with Molly’s help. When Wally’s breed isn’t sheared for a long time, they look something like this…

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Angora rabbit hair is allegedly softer than cashmere, so Wally probably makes the best cuddle buddy ever.

Wally’s daily activities include (but are not limited to): trying to figure out whether he’s a poodle, a cat, a camel, a bunny, or all four; eating green things; cuddling with anything he can get his adorable paws on; hopping; and pretending to be a My Little Pony.

Before he got his cute new hairdo, Wally kind of looked like an alpaca.

We love you Wally!

And now for a video montage! Wally wanted to write the clip synopses (with some of my interjections): (1) "Listening to news!" Wally? It looks like you're smelling for treats. (I keep treats on the shelf nearby.) "No! I like learning my current events from the pillow-tops!" (2) "I'm a … buuun … MEADOW FAIRY! I TRICKED you!" (3) "Wally lost!" We were seeing who could make the other laugh first. He turned away to stop himself, but he burst out laughing after the camera turned off. (4) and (5) "My new dance moves! The Bucking Bunny-Bronco and The Flying Furry Frog!" Wally! Those are very creative names! "I know! I worked on them instead of writing about my emotions in my journal last night!" That's okay, Wally. (6) "What?! I'm RESTING!" Wally sits like this to make me laugh and pretends he was not trying to be funny. (7) "My teeth GRINDIES!"

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IT’S REAL! This creature is hands-down the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Where can I get one??