Mike Tyson and Robin Williams Shared the Same Drug Dealer

Oct 30, 2014 at 10:00 am |

Photo by Smallz+Raskind/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. via Getty Images

Photo by Smallz+Raskind/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. via Getty Images

Retired boxer Mike Tyson revealed to shock-jock confidante Howard Stern on his radio show on Wednesday (Oct. 29) that he and Robin Williams bonded over their respective struggles with addiction and depression–and he even admitted that the two of them had the same drug dealer.

The two reportedly met at a group meeting aimed at helping to arm its members against their addictions–something that Williams struggled on and off with since the 1980s. Tyson confided in Stern:

“People that deal with this situation (addiction), we know each other. When I met him, he said, ‘I was waiting for you.’.. He started telling me about somebody I was purchasing from. I said to myself, how does he know this lowlife dealer I know? They shouldn’t be in the same state. You go to every measure to get high. Everybody knows everybody.”

Tyson’s goal in his admission is to help others open up about the terrible power of depression–which must be especially difficult under the pressures of a celebrity reality.


Tyson then added, “It’s scary… If you have a mental illness, you’re going to think about suicide. Suicide is our comfort. The reason he did that? He really killed the wrong person. It’s all about killing the disease he possessed. It’s not about killing yourself…”

Fortunately the conversation ended on a positive note:  “I’m clean now. But this is a constant fight. Eventually that dark entity’s going to knock on the door. The fact is we’re all human and it doesn’t care what race you are, how rich you are, it just wants you to be miserable.”

Listen to Mike Tyson’s full conversation with Stern about his struggles below.

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