Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour Too Explicit?

Mar 1, 2014 at 8:53 am |

Miley Cyrus Explicit Content

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Everyone knows that most Disney stars revolt in some way or another after their stint with Disney is over and done. Vanessa Hudgens had nude photos, Zac Efron went to rehab, Demi Lovato went off the wagon for some time, and Selena Gomez got tied up with Justin Bieber. While these celebrities bounced back relatively quickly, Miley Cyrus is still struggling with adopting her grown up persona. The Bangerz tour was set to be Miley’s big debut into the world of adult music but there have been a few snags.

The tour started out well enough, with little incident, but as parents began to see what the tour really entailed, ticket sales began to drop off. The tour features Miley sliding on stage down a replica of her own face with her tongue stuck out. Her outfits are the first point of contention with most parents, with high cut legs, low cut blouses, and enough skin to make anyone blush, her choice of costume leaves little to the imagination. That being said, anyone that intended to take their child to the concert should have first listened to the content of the songs being promoted.

Miley Cyrus Won't Stop

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The Bangerz album is a far cry from her Disney days and her showmanship and bravado on stage surely show that this young starlet is ready to shed her good girl image in favor of a more “grown up” persona. Miley has taken her shock antics to a whole new level with raunchy dance moves, inappropriate visual aides, and much, much more. Though some may see this as a young woman’s attempt to show everyone just how grown up she can be, it also seems like a cry for attention. It may seem as if Miley is simply trying to lash out and make a name for herself as more than just a singer, but rather as a woman that does just what she wants.

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Some sources even claim that the North American leg of her tour is in danger of being cancelled due to poor reception in Canada where it started. Sources are reporting that ticket sales are poor, censors are outraged, and that Miley may not even be allowed to host her tour in the States due to the seemingly adult content of the show. Some even claim that the concert is more of a “porn show” than a concert. For those that are still fascinated and want to see the tour can appeal to the better judgment of those planning to cancel the show by coming out in droves to buy tickets and get the show back on the road.

Miley Cyrus is certainly turning heads with her new Bangerz tour but is it for the wrong or the right reasons?