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Miley Cyrus (b. November 23, 1992) has twerked her way to the top, and she plans on riding this fame train until it runs out of steam. Daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley was once known as Hannah Montana from the Disney Channel series of the same name. Initially, the child star had a pristine image, but as she aged her inner rock star began to show. With the release of Party In the U.S.A. Miley began to shed her good girl image, but it wasn’t until she started modeling naked for Vanity Fair that we knew we really had a good-girl-gone-bad scenario on our hands. Miley followed up with her 2013 summer hit We Can’t Stop and famously twerked her way through the MTV’s VMAs next to Robin Thicke. The provocative performer has been abuzz with celebrity gossip ever since as she started touring her antics all over the world–riding hotdogs, getting spanked with the Mexican flag, singing from her vagina, you name it! Everyone was shocked in 2012 when Miley announced that she was engaged to stud of the decade Liam Hemsworth, but unfortunately the couple ending things the following year.

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