Mom in Need Couldn’t Take Her Child Grocery Shopping Until One Store Did This

Nov 3, 2015 at 6:15 pm |

Is grocery shopping a pain in the butt for you? Taking time out of your busy day to go around a large building selecting various food items, waiting on line and then schlepping them from your car to your kitchen is no treat for most people. Now imagine having to do that with a young kid. All the shapes and colors stimulate children. We’ve all see those kids who need to touch everything in the supermarket. Their curiosity knows no bounds. While it’s integral for their learning, it’s not exactly easy on mom or dad who have to mind them while also doing their grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping is even harder for one Loveland, Colorado mom. Melody Leach’s 2-year-old daughter Beatrice suffers from cerebral palsy and is too big to fit into those handy shopping cart seats meant for little kids. “You take grocery shopping for granted. Nobody likes to grocery shop but at least you can go in and get your things and leave,” said Melody. “It’s been a trial. It’s always a trial to take Beatrice.”

melanie leach

Source: YouTube @USA Today

Melody’s local supermarket, King Soopera, had a surprise for Melody and little Beatrice. The manager asked his bosses for a special shopping cart after noticing how difficult it was for Melody to grocery shop with her daughter. The staff at Kind Soopera also decorated it especially for Beatrice. We wish more companies were as compassionate as this supermarket!

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Such a gesture of generosity and caring!