My Anaconda Don’t: “Eaten Alive” Disappoints Viewers

Dec 8, 2014 at 11:26 am |


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First J-Lo and now Paul Rosolie. It would seem that all TV and movie attempts to scandalize us by exposing the secret lives of anacondas are bound to be failures.

Discovery Channel is under fire after its much-anticipated special Eaten Alive turned out to involve no eating at all. The stunt was an attempt by naturalist and snake enthusiast Paul Rosolie to call attention to the destruction of the Amazon while exploring the little-known nature of the snake species, which averages 20 feet in length.

After nearly 2 hours of uneventful watching, the 18-foot specimen finally began to constrict and devour its dinner, but it was only minutes before the whole thing got called off. While the snake seemed perfectly content, it was Rosolie himself who couldn’t stomach the feat. Donned in a carbon fiber suit with a specially designed breathing system, Paul anticipated being wholly swallowed by the anaconda, but the pressure from constriction alone turned out to be too great. The snake’s massive jaw was barely around his cranium when Rosolie was forced to abandon the mission.

Discovery, who was expecting 3 million viewers in the US alone, quickly became the target of countless critical Tweets from curious and angry fans. Check out some of what they had to say below:

You had one job, Rosolie. Just one. And you blew it. Shouldn’t the team have expected some uncomfortable pressure from a reptile that kills via constriction? It just goes to show how enticing good advertising can be, regardless of the truth behind it.

Hopefully Eaten Alive still draws attention to its original goal: the preservation of the Amazon. According to reports, the snake is okay, though perhaps still a bit hungry.

Watch the anticlimactic final moments of Discovery’s Eaten Alive here:

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