NEW: Sia Drops New Music Video ft. Shia LaBeouf

Jan 7, 2015 at 3:01 pm |

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Sia has just released a music video for her 2013 single “Elastic Heart,” and you won’t believe who’s in it.

Following a turbulent year filled with publicity stunts that criticized celebrity culture, Shia LaBeouf is back in action, performing opposite Maddie Ziegler in the video. And he does… well.

The performance takes place inside of a large birdcage that becomes a sort of boxing ring between Shia and Maddie, who we understand to be two lovers battling out their emotions. There is taunting and teasing, advances and retreats all expressed beautifully through dance and movement by both parties.

Dance Moms breakout star Maddie Ziegler (12) shows off her incredible and mature dancing and physical capacities, which are in the same vein as her performance in Sia’s “Chandelier.” Of course, she is sporting the iconic blonde bob wig- Sia’s trademark.

We knew LaBeouf (28) was in shape and ready for his naked display at a museum last year, but he shows off his body in a new light in the video. The most impressive moment of the performance has to be when he effortlessly climbs up to the top of the cage using only his upper body strength.

The modern and expressionist dance sequence leads us through the toils of heartache, pairing perfectly along with the song that asks “Oh why can I not conquer love?”


The dance is rough, animalistic, hard around the edges, and filled with emotion. Both players are clad in nude outfits and covered in dirt and bandages, making the savagery of the video all the more apparent. During the sequence, both dancers very much become animals themselves, relying on scent and sight just as much as they rely on touch. The ending of the music video is perhaps the most dramatic, when Maddie escapes the cage but Shia is unable to get through, which we take to signify the end of an unhappy relationship. Whether the ‘breakup’ is due to exhaustion or lack of effort remains in the eye of the viewer.

Perhaps the most shocking element of the music video is that Shia and Maddie’s struggle continues for almost 40 seconds after the music cuts out.

Is this the start of a new chapter for Shia? The actor may have been picked by singer/songwriter Sia since they share similar views on not giving in to fame. Performing in a Sia music video alongside Maddie Ziegler certainly isn’t the best way to go about your anti-fame manifesto, but keep doing what makes you happy!

One thing is for sure: this is Maddie Ziegler’s world, and we’re just living in it.

Are they famous or not? We don’t even know anymore. Watch the new music video here!