No Dude, You’re the Dumb Ass

Jul 18, 2014 at 12:09 pm |

As you have probably heard, Malaysia Airlines has been devastated by another airplane crash. News coverage the past 24 hours on the incident has been heavy with every outlet gathering as much information as possible. Employing the parties involved, witnesses and experts are all a part of the fact gathering process to develop news stories. Unfortunately, MSNBC fell prey to a prankster yesterday while covering the breaking news event.

A supposed witness (Staff Sergeant Michael Boyd) of the Malaysia flight 17 crash in the Ukraine appeared on MSNBC’s The Cycle with co-host Krystal Ball. The interaction went as such:

Ball: Please tell us what you saw on the ground in the Ukraine.

Boyd: Well I was looking out the window and I saw a projectile flying through the sky. And it would appear that the plane was shot down by blasts of wind from Howard Stern’s ass.

Ball: So it would appear that the plane was shot down. Can you tell us anything more from your military training of what some sort of missile system that that may have been coming from?

Boyd: Well you’re a dumb ass, aren’t ya?

Ball confused by the ridiculous and pathetic hoax immediately cut to a commercial break.

The disgusting behavior displayed by this fool clearly shows a complete disregard for the gravity of the situation. It’s hard not to imagine that this was an attempt to make MSNBC, a liberal leaning news organization, look incompetent and unprofessional. This guy should keep his TV fixed on Fox News so he can keep to himself and his daily dose of delusion. No one needs to make a mockery out of this tragic event.

Watch this pitiful behavior:

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See how stupid this guy is! It’s SAD. Yikes.