Obese Dachshund Loses 75% Of Body Weight, Now One Happy Wiener!

Mar 12, 2015 at 10:19 am |

Needing some beach season inspiration? Look no further than Dennis the miniature dachshund.

This cute 6-year-old pup is definitely cut out for The Biggest Loser: Doggy Edition after losing over 75% of his body weight.

Back in June 2013 Dennis’ current owner Brooke Burton came across a sad pup that weighed a staggering 56 pounds – over the average size of an 8-year-old boy – who was only able to walk a few feet before needing to stop for a wheeze. “I’ve seen this depressed little dog blossom into a spunky little spitfire,” Burton tells the Columbus Dispatch.

Apparently Dennis’ diet prior to leashing up with his new owner consisted of human foods like burgers, pizza, and ramen noodles. We’ve seen what this diet has done for the children of America, so it’s no surprise that this is the result on a “miniature” scale.

Dennis has even had to undergo three skin-resection surgeries, costing a total of $2,800, all of which were funded by Burton’s GoFundMe account, as well as donations from people who had heard about Dennis’ heartwarming triumph.

Now Dennis weighs a tail-wagging 12 pounds – 44 pounds less than when Burton was first introduced to the pup.

Time to hit the park Dennis, and let all those lady dachshunds know what’s up!

Needing some motivation before beach season? Let Dennis the dachshund give you a few tips…