OK Go’s Latest Music Video Won’t Let You Down

Oct 27, 2014 at 11:37 am |

The rock band OK Go has just released its latest music video on its official YouTube page for the song I Won’t Let You Down from the album Hungry Ghosts. The cleverly choreographed video follows in the style of the band’s former music videos, like its widely popular treadmill dance for Here It Goes Again.

This time around, however, the group’s main mode of transportation is self-balancing mobility device, the Honda UNI-CUB. Stunning synchronized dances with red umbrellas also take center stage in this video.

The band’s inventive new video has drawn a slew of positive reactions on social media.

Earlier Monday morning, the band stopped by the TODAY Show to let the anchors test out theUNICUB devices then premiered their video on the show.

Fans on social media were particularly in awe of the video’s ending.

Yet another cleverly choreographed music video from rock band, OK Go. Click through to see what style they grace us with this time around.