“Orange is the New Black” Writer Is in Love with Poussey

Sep 15, 2014 at 11:05 am |

Lauren Morelli, a writer on the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black, recently announced that she was divorcing her husband of two years Steve Basilone and in a relationship with actress Samira Wiley, who plays the role of Poussey on the show.

Morelli recently opened up about her sexuality in an essay she wrote for Indenties.mic in which she talks about the writers’ room being a very intimate setting. A place where her and her co-writers would discuss their personal lives and relationships. She goes on to explain how her experience writing for the lead characters Piper and Alex lead her to discovering her own sexuality.

As we started to shape our characters and debate fictional Piper’s “true” sexuality that first season, we engaged in long discussions about sex, gender and our own experiences. I eagerly shared details of innocent, “above-the-waist” flirtations with girls when I’d been younger. I’d even excitedly blurted out, “I would totally sleep with her,” about an actress who had auditioned for Alex (now played brilliantly by Laura Prepon, who shares the role with a pair of glasses). I went to therapy that night and casually mentioned that perhaps I was higher on the Kinsey Scale than I previously thought.

Morelli and Wiley were seen at the Emmy’s holding hands and were apparently dancing together at several after-parties. Recently, the new couple posted several photos of themselves together.

Here’s to love, acceptance, and an adorable couple!





“Orange is the New Black” writer Lauren Morelli has filed for divorce from her husband and is now dating the actress who plays Poussey. Click here to find out how writing for the show led her to coming to terms with her sexuality.