AMC's Walking Dead Cast

The Walking Dead: Troubleshooting February

4 years ago | By PressRoom

February dawns bleak on the horizon for the main characters of AMCs, “The Walking Dead”. The mid-season finale found them over-run, out-gunned and forced out of the safe confines of the prison. Rick and his ragtag band of survivors, minus the wisdom of Hershel, have taken to the woods for safety. But in a world where the zombie apocalypse is taking place right next door, fans can’t help but wonder — what’s waiting for our favorite characters in those ominous woods?

A Big Night for the Acting Community, the SAG Awards

4 years ago | By Blake Winkley

Of the major awards shows this season, the SAG Awards may be rather relaxed but it is quite special. To win a SAG you must be judged by your peers. Only your peers know the hardships and talent needed to get the job done and get it done well. What could be more special…well, an Oscar comes to mind. Nonetheless, anyone from any industry knows how gratifying it is to be recognized by your colleagues and peers for a job well done.


“Looking” for Something Real

4 years ago | By Ben Gettinger

“Looking” is HBO’s new, highly anticipated half-hour series that follows three gay men as they navigate their way through life, love, and friendship. Set in the tech-driven post modern hippie vibe of San Francisco “Looking” aims to break the mold of stereotypes supported by other narratives presented on television. Thus far, comparisons have been made to hits such as “Girls”, “Sex and the City”, and “Queer as Folk” but we are rooting for Looking to take it to a whole other level.