Hugh Jackman Steps Out in Support of Cancer Research

5 years ago | By Blake Winkley

“Love defies all pain, even death,” words from the late Gabrielle Rich Aouad, who is the inspiration for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation. This October the foundation held its annual Angel Ball, a high-profile, fundraising gala in New York. Celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Deborra-Lee Furness, Alan Cumming, Chaka Khan, Estelle, Debra Messing, Star Jones, Tommy Hilfiger, Usher, and Pharrell Williams came to show their support.

In-Depth Look at “12 Years A Slave”

5 years ago | By Blake Winkley

Growing up in America, every child is taught American history. Every story from Columbus sailing the ocean blue, to Paul Revere signaling, “the British are coming!”, to Manifest Destiny’s expansion of America’s borders, to the great American achievements of the last century. This is not to say that all of American history is taught without sharing the grimmer aspects of how the nation was built. Slavery played an integral role in the building of this nation. Although slavery has been abolished for over 140 years, its story is powerful and should never be forgotten.

The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie Breaks into a Standing Ovation

5 years ago | By Blake Winkley

The dark American classic The Glass Menagerie opened to the bright lights of Broadway recently. The highly anticipated play, which title evokes a sense of fragility, delivers a powerful story. PressRoomVIP was invited to share this moving evening with the production and their guests. With bated breath the star-studded guests spoke with press as they hurried down the red carpet to get inside and see the play. “I get invited to plays, to openings. This is the one I really hoped I got [invited to]. And I’m so relieved I got invited,” says Victor Garber….