Paris Hilton Suing for Plane Crash Prank – Watch Before It Gets Banned!

Jul 1, 2015 at 10:51 am |

Paris Hilton Wants to Sue For Emotional Distress


Paris Hilton has told her business associates that she plans to sue those involved in producing the prank plane crash she was unknowingly involved in while traveling in Dubai. Hilton has said that her biggest fear is dying in a plane accident, and since being involved in the stunt she’s been emotionally distraught and “totally freaked out,” a source tells TMZ. Paris’s job requires her to fly from place to place frequently to make appearances, and now that she’s absolutely terrified to step foot on an airplane, she’s worried about how it might affect her commitments.

Step aside Ashton Kutcher, Punk’d looks like child’s play compared to what Paris Hilton recently experienced as a part of the Egyptian prank television show called “Ramez in Control” starring actor Ramez Galal.

A YouTube clip of one of the show’s episodes recently went viral online features the model/television personality on a trip to Dubai to help promote the opening of a new hotel. During her stay, Hilton is offered the opportunity to see Dubai’s famed skyline on an aerial tour — but little does she know that everyone in the plane with her is privy to the prank.

Soon after takeoff the stunt plane begins flying as if its suffering from technical failures, an alarm goes off, and everyone onboard starts screaming (for a very, very long time). Paris Hilton, who is dressed impeccably by the way, becomes a bawling mess amidst the uproar and joins in the screaming with”What is happening!” over and over again. Next, two of the actors (wearing parachutes) pull one another out of an open hatch in the back of the plane. “I don’t want to jump,” screams Hilton.

Of course, the plane lands safely on the ground, but Paris continues to cry as if she’s survived a near-death experience.

Ramez admits to Paris that she’s been pranked, but Paris seems more confused than ever. “I almost thought I was going to die,” says the shaken Hilton.”I’m going to kill you.”

Note the sunglasses on her face at the end. Gotta fix that eye-makeup!

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