Pit Bull Trades Death Sentence for Cat Cuddle

Aug 24, 2015 at 4:20 pm |

rescued pit bull cuddling with cat

Tough Love Pit Bull Rescue


“I believe in redemption. We can all do something to solve the problems we see in the world. It doesn’t take money. It doesn’t take charm. It just takes love.” This is Gemma Zanowski, a Washington-based lawyer and founder of the nonprofit Tough Love Pit Bull Rescue. When she saw a photo of Dylan, an abandoned Pit Bull at a shelter in Arizona, she instantly worked her connections to save this adorable pup. “There was something about her that just spoke to me. When I get that feeling, I get to work,” Zanowski told The Huffington Post.

Dylan suffers from a tricky skin condition, which in shelter life means that without high adoption prospects, she was likely on her way to euthanasia. Dylan’s journey from her shelter in Arizona to Washington state was thanks to the loving generosity of a few key people. A friend named Sara Dent brought Dylan into her home in Arizona while travel arrangements were made. Soon, a volunteer pilot named Lucas Ansley came to collect Dylan and fly her to Washington. “Honestly, I cried like a baby,” says Dent. “For purely selfish reasons, as I know she will have an amazing new life in Washington and that she is one of the lucky ones to get out of the shelter. I just knew I would miss her sweetness.”

Ansley also had only great things to say about Dylan, that she was very well behaved and a real trooper on the flight, sleeping through the bulk of it and looking excitedly out the window as they landed, “as if to say, ‘Well, hello my new home, you’re much greener than Arizona.'”

Rescued Pit Bull and Pilot

Tough Love Pit Bull Rescue


In Arizona, Dylan had lots to look forward to. She was taken into the loving home of Tough Love volunteer Olivia Bradley. Here, she has the opportunity to interact with other animals (including the adorable Indie, the Siamese rescue pictured with Dylan), gain socialization and obedience training, and heal from her condition so she can be adopted into a loving forever-home. This story just goes to show you that one small act of kindness can make a world of difference.

rescued pit bull cuddles with cat

Tough Love Pit Bull Rescue


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I think Pit Bulls are officially my new favorite dog.