Prize-Winning Pig Pays for Cancer Treatment

Aug 17, 2015 at 8:30 am |

Pig Auctions for $31k, Pays Off Family’s Medical Bills

On August 1, when Monica Russell attended the Morgan County Fair in Utah to watch her son auction off a pig he had been raising for the livestock competition, she never would have dreamed that she was about to witness a miracle that would help her family. When the auction started, the bids skyrocketed to $7,000 in the first 60 seconds. To give you an idea of how incredible that is, the winning pig was auctioned for only $2,700.

“When I realized what was happening, I almost dropped to my knees,” Monica’s husband, Ben, said in an interview with People. Monica has been battling breast cancer, and the medical bills from chemotherapy have been racking up and putting their family through hardship. “I was blown away,” Ben said. “It was a manifestation of love and friendship in such a huge way. These guys are the best friends anyone could ask for.”

The guys Ben is talking about are Ron Hales, Monica’s brother-in-law, and two family friends, Mike Gleason and Jonathan Cannon, who started off the bid war for Monica’s son’s pig. “We decided to do it because it was important to let Monica know she wasn’t alone in the fight,” said Hales. “I don’t view it as a sacrifice, because I know that if I were in the same situation, I’d have 10 or 12 neighbors do the same for me. It’s just who we are here in Morgan.” Talk about that small-town community caring!

“It was a good feeling, a humbling feeling,” adds Gleason. “Knowing what this incredible family is faced with, we just wanted to help them out. We were hoping to fly under the radar, but obviously, that didn’t happen.” Not even close. While the guys wanted to remain humble in their assistance to their beloved family friends, many locals took notice and the People article has since been shared tens of thousands of times.

“People were crying and cheering – you could just feel the love everywhere,” said Monica. “It was just such a huge boost, not only financially, but mentally. The grand champion pig that was sold before Cade’s went for $2,700. So you can see that these guys really went beyond the call.”

“I was so happy for my mom – this is going to help her a lot,” said Monica’s son Cade, who raised the pig for auction. “Seeing the look on everybody’s faces when the bid got up to $31,000 was amazing. It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

It hasn’t been an easy year for Monica and her family. Her brother passed away last year from a brain tumor, shortly before she was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. She plans to undergo a double mastectomy next year. But after seeing the compassion from her community in Morgan City, Monica is optimistic.

“Help from such good people makes the road easier. These guys are incredible. They’ll be our best friends for life.”

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This is the most beautiful story I’ve read all week. Gotta love that small-town compassion!