Putin Reimagined as ‘Hercules’ for His 62nd Birthday

Oct 8, 2014 at 8:46 am |

Putin Shirtless


Happy (belated) birthday Mr. Vladamir Putin. It seems you’ve been to the gym since we last spotted you hunting shirtless in the wilderness.

While the Russian people may not have sent you Marilyn to sing to you at your vacation home in the Siberian taiga, your country has done their best to recognize your victorious conquests throughout the world in an art show entitled: The 12 Labors of Putin (as in The 12 Labors of Hercules.)

In the gallery–hosted at Moscow’s “Red October” showspace, a former chocolate factory–Putin is depicted in a classic Grecian manner in the likeness of Zeus’ superstar son, Hercules:

putin as hercules


The “labors” include Putin restraining the three-headed Cerberus (aka the conflict with the U.S.,) wrestling a Ceryneian Hind (the Sochi Olympics,) and strangling a Namean Lion (fighting terrorists with his bare hands.)

Not unlike the mythological propaganda used to deify Kim Jong Un in North Korea, the Russian people have literally elevated their leader to the son of a god.

putin as hercules



Try not to giggle at these pieces of art that reimagine Putin as a Herculean warrior. Check it out…